Commemorating the Battle of Shiloh with a New Film

It’s the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. We’ve been working with the Civil War Trust to produce a new interactive animated map of Shiloh’s battle, which debuted last Friday, bringing the fight to life in 17 minutes of High-Definition film and 3D animation.

As it turns out, everyone’s talking about Shiloh lately. After all, it was a pretty important battle. Author Winston Groom (most notably, of Forrest Gump, and most recently of a non-fiction work entitled Shiloh 1862), penned this opinion piece for the New York Times, which stylistically explains Shiloh’s significance to the war as a whole.

Chicago Tribune writer Stephan Benzkofer summarized Shiloh’s fight and aftermath, recalling the heavy cost of the North’s victory. The Trib has been commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War throughout the Sesquicentennial by reprinting news stories from notable battles. USA Today featured Shiloh National Military Park as an exciting 2012 travel destination. This publicity for Shiloh is great news for our friends at the Civil War Trust, who have just launched a fundraising campaign to preserve 491 acres of Shiloh’s battlefield, with the intent to save the land from commercial development.

A few interesting facts about the Battle of Shiloh:

  • Nearly 24,000 men fell killed or wounded at Shiloh, more casualties than in all previous American wars combined.
  • Shiloh’s Confederate General Albert Sydney Johnston, killed in action 150 years ago today, was the highest-ranking officer to die in battle during the Civil War.
  •  Shiloh boasted one of the largest naval engagements ever waged by an American army, employing 174 steamboats transporting troops via the Tennessee River

Just in case, here’s a little more background on the Battle of Shiloh and its historical importance!


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