WAF Welcomes Two New Staff Members!

We just added Keith Johnson, motion graphics and 3D animation artist, to the WAF roster. Which makes sense because we were hiring him as a freelancer all the time anyway. Keith loves all things animation and visual effects. He’s a visionary: always working out new styles and techniques and is rarely satisfied with what he did yesterday. Another KU grad, Keith majored in civil engineering, so he’s really structurally sound. But seriously, his understanding of how things work lends itself well to constructing graphics in 3D, which he does in a very accomplished and stylized manner. He also has an eclectic taste in music, which often has the rest of us popping over to his desk to ask, “Who is that? It’s great!”

We also welcomed Jace Brewster, our new accountant, late last year. We’ve just been slow getting around to announcing her presence, which is absolutely no reflection on how much we like her. Jace wowed us with her accounting prowess and her film background, making her the perfect choice for our production accountant. She’s pretty much streamlined our billing process with her stellar organizational and communication skills. Plus, we really like hanging out with her. Jace attended the College of Santa Fe, where she studied Moving Image Arts. She is the founder of “Big Pimpin’ Fridays” at WAF — we watch Jay-Z’s music video at the close of every week, usually accompanied by a dance party.

Keith and Jace bring a wealth of knowledge and plethora of fun to our office and we’re glad to have them on board!


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